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4.2 The South East Asia (SEA) Context The situation in most SEA states mirror the situation in Singapore, the variations exist only in factors such as religion, legislative acts and the economic and political atmosphere. However, at the core of the family unit, most individuals discourage and shun single ‘unwed’ mothers. Here, I will compare two SEA countries with the situation in Singapore. Malaysia Unlike Singapore, Malaysia is a stern Islamic state and roots its values and beliefs from the Islamic doctrine. The Islamic doctrine on marriage teaches the significance of marriage and the need of a woman to a be a virgin on her wedding day (Teresa A. Meade 2008, 399). This teaching go in line with the high levels of morality expected of a woman in society. the Islamic teaching further teach that everyone “should marry,…show more content…
Based on the review of literature, it is evident that single ‘unwed’ mothers are stigmatized by the society. The stigmatization cuts across how they access government-sponsored social benefits, how they access social services such as living in certain house structures, the legitimacy of their children and how general treatment – lack of acceptance. The stereotype accorded single ‘unwed’ mothers come from deep-rooted beliefs about how a family structure should be and what is expected of a female in society. But presently, the single ‘unwed’ mothers are accessing the same benefits that married mothers access. This reveals the deconstruction of social norms due to assimilation of mainstream culture and the shedding of traditional culture instigated by education, globalization and technology. In essence, there are new concepts that becoming strong socialization agents and changing how people think and behave. This goes to show that culture is not static, but it is organic and ever changing to adopt to new

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