Weight Training Research Paper

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Farmer 1 Who does not want to become bigger, faster, and stronger? Weight training is a possible way to become all of these and just an all around healthier individual. There are many different types of workouts to get the body you want. Whether you lift to stay in shape, add muscle or improve your general athleticism there are many ways to do it. With the improvement of modern gyms and equipment; many studies show there are multiple health benefits of hitting the weights. The beginning roots of weight training first started in ancient Greece; where Olympic athletes would train to improve their physical strength and endurance. Men have always tested their power and strength, always challenging to be the biggest and strongest around. The first piece of weight training equipment was the dumbbell, which was first introduced in the second century. Weight training equipment did not really develop until the 1960s when…show more content…
Weight training is all about lifting a weight to make your muscle contract. When lifting correctly your muscles contract, with added weight they tear, when the muscle repairs the tear extra muscle tissue is gained. To stay safe what you do not want to do is lock the muscles out during a lift. When a joint is fully extended 180 degrees, the bone acts as almost a lever. The force of the lift is transferred directly to the bone. With this transfer of force the extensor muscles are relaxed which can cause joint injury if locked out (Fritz, Timothy C). Muscles act as movers when you lift which if done correctly works to protect the joints by providing stability. A common injury in the weight training world is hyperextension of the joint. Which means the joint goes beyond its normal range of motion in a safe limit (180 degrees.) To avoid this and other injuries it always important to have proper training, lifting with good form and having a good spotter to depend on (Fritz, Timothy
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