The Importance Of Ergonomic Space In Schools

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Ergonomic spaces in schools In a highly competitive academic environment, spaces in universities are an essential component of an institution's intellectual expression. Howse, (2015) stated that well-designed classrooms boost the academic performance of students. The researchers found that the layout, construction and decoration of classes had a significant influence on students reading, writing and maths. In addition, natural light, temperature, air quality and individualized classroom design were especially important. Universities should design their spaces in a way that meet the needs of 21st century learning, teaching, and research environment. Ergonomics has been recognised as an important aspect of design. Ergonomic design should support…show more content…
All students are built differently. Even students of the same height may have different needs when it comes to seating as some students will have longer legs, some shorter and different back structure. In order for classroom chairs to be ergonomic, they would have to be adjustable – height, seat tilt, back tilt and armrests to meet the needs of each students. There are some features which are mandatory for a good chair: • Adjustability – the chair’s seat height is adjustable. • Seat height range - the seat height can be adjusted to the height recommended for student. • Backrest - the backrest should be adjustable. The chair should have a firm lumbar support. • Seat depth - the seats that suit the tallest and the shortest users. • Stability - the chair should be stable. Examples of different three (3) types of ergonomic chairs, they are body moulded and have high impact plastic shell, set upon a chrome frame Ergonomic Furniture:…show more content…
Heyman and Dekel (2009) indicate that musculoskeletal discomfort and back pain problems are evident not only in adults, but also in children. Educating towards a balanced-posture, body-function and movement patterns, as well as their ergonomic implications, can minimize and even prevent these problems. Buckle,(2005). Understanding their causes remains the key to prevention. This is very important as Bennett, (2002) pointed out that children now use computers throughout their education. As schools have focused on purchasing computers and providing internet access, there has been little consideration of ergonomics. Even if educators and school administrators acknowledge students would benefit from better ergonomics, they may assume it is too expensive or not know where to

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