Social Exclusion In Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancies have recently become too common among in United Kingdom (UK). It has been noted by the authorities (mainly the hospital workers and healthcare agencies) that teen pregnancy has become one of the major issues for the healthcare workers as well as for social welfare workers. The UK is extensively cited as devising the maximum live birth percentage amongst 15-19 year-olds in Western Europe. Even the utmost affluent regions in the UK have greater percentages of teenage pregnancy than the nationwide percentages for the Netherlands and France (Wagner,, 2013). Whilst percentages dropped by half or more in several European states in the 1970s and 1980s, in the UK the percentage did not reduce amid 1979 and 1999. Latest figures…show more content…
Social exclusion has been theorised inversely in diverse theoretical customs and in diverse states. It can be perceived as a procedure in which individuals are disconnected from their society and from common ethics as a consequence of exclusionary habits of the socially involved; as a shortage of identification of essential privileges; and as an outcome of specific selection in addition to official obstacles and procedures of unfairness (Kan, & Feinberg, 2014). The notion of social exclusion moves outside an interest for economic assets or basic wants in its importance on input and concern. It should be noted that social exclusion can harm an individual’s life in diverse ways. For individuals who become young parents and enter parenthood, tend to forget that they will be not made part of the society in a way that they should have been, had they not taken the step of having children at young age. Social exclusion leads to other diverse matters as well, such as not being able to get proper education, or the kind of respect that the individuals deserved, and so…show more content…
Individuals who step into young parenthood tend to forget that there are diverse kinds of health issues that they would have to deal with, along with the on-coming poverty as well. The main reason for poverty is that teens do not have the right kind of education owing to which most of them are left uneducated, and with some becoming the target of racial and ethnic minority groups. A research was conducted which revealed "A more noteworthy extent of young women who are poor turned out to be sexually active as youths, don't utilise a preventative strategy at first intercourse and conceive by age 20" (Goldscheider, Hofferth, & Curtin, 2014). These adolescent likewise have "lower self-viability in getting and utilising contraceptives adequately". The results of teenager childbearing are reflected in the lower educational accomplishments of both the mother and children. Compensating for the lost time and decreased open doors stood to these gatherings is excessive and tedious. Health issues and poverty are issues that can affect a young parent in diverse ways. The chances of the child having ill-health or even turning out to be under-weight are all because of the poverty that surrounds him due to his parents’

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