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APA research on Roller coaster designer So this research paper is about researching about roller coaster designer. The research paper topic is about the duties for roller coaster designer what do they do?, How to become a roller coaster designer like for example what kind of class should it take to become a roller coaster designer and what should you do to become a roller coaster designer. The next topic is the salary for a roller coaster designer like for example what is there lowest paid, or even highest paid per month and also year, is a roller coaster is a making money job. What are the top ten university should you take if you want to become a roller coaster like for example the famous school to go and what country is that university in.…show more content…
But what does a roller coaster designer really do? Well roller coaster designer is one of the designer team that a roller coaster designer will always design a ride like a roller coaster. But not only roller coaster designer will just design a roller coaster but they must think of the safety for the ride or they must think that if they are building a ride, will the ride effect the environment if a roller coaster is build there. And the last thing is thinking that will the people that got on the roller coaster will be excited, if not no one will get on the ride. And designer must think what materials is needed for this ride, how much year it would spent building it, and thinking that how much would it cost to build one How to become roller coaster designer In order to be a roller coaster designer must earn a master degree on mechanical, electrical, and structural engineer before applying for this job. But the most important thing that student should have before apply to this job is that the collage that the student are going to need to qualify for a master degree program, and plus student should have a strong undergraduate grades and student should also take the Graduate record exam before applying for this designer job. And when student apply for this job already, student should complete the hands on training on designing

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