Lack Of Communication In The Roman Empire

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Lack of communication is a huge issue to a group of people on any level of power. It causes a distortion between the leaders and the followers in the group. In order for an empire to fall, it must have many loose pieces in the puzzle. Some pieces are larger than the others. Communication is a massive piece to the puzzle that is an empire. Despite the claim that some would say that a lack of communication must be in place to keep the masses separated and happy, the lack of communication does and will always taint the relationships between social classes and their authority. Firstly, the claim is made that a lack of communication must be in place in order to maintain some control to the upper levels of the authority. This separation between the authority and the standard masses is always naturally in place and shouldn't be tampered with. Further, the government is made up of human beings who make mistakes. Thus, we can´t let the masses learn of these minor mistakes, what they know won't hurt them. This argument is wrong because the separation between authority and citizens is what creates that concern for the greater population's voice and wellbeing. When authority keeps out a certain group of people, that group will get a message sent to them. They will contort and construe the…show more content…
To start, the Roman empire had a massive lack of communication. Generals had all of the power and the people were loyal only to them. Because of this unbalanced displacement of power, communication tanked. The outer regions of the empire had no idea what the inner regions were doing. Lack of communication led to separation, which then led to a lack of unity. This lack of unity would then lead to a breakdown of defenses, and caused the Roman empire to be susceptible to attack. If the outer regions had received the proper communication they needed, the empire would not have

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