Weakness Strengths And Weaknesses

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What is one weakness you have? A weakness I have is the default of procrastination. I have always struggled with procrastination and have not improved much from when it began. I think that with much dedication my problem with this bad habit could be resolved. What is one thing you do well? One thing I do or handle well I think would be my ability to communicate or my interaction with others. I have always been very social growing up and I think that a career that involves lots of human interaction would be good because I can learn more on how to react to different attitudes and how to detect feelings and emotions through body language (very observant as well) Why Are You Looking for a Job? My interest in a job or small career would be the…show more content…
One of which is a chance to learn better communication skills and another s scholarship opportunities. How Has School Prepared You For Working at Our Company? - School has prepared me for working at your company because I have focused on speech and communication skills so I can expand my field of opportunities for a career. As a barista, I think it's important to follow specific instructions and observe your surroundings which school has definitely helped me with. Why Should We Hire You? - I think you should hire me because I pick up and distribute information easily so my training would take minimum days. I Don't lack communication or social skills so i can interact with the customer easily ensuring their return. And I put forth a great effort with a positive attitude. What Do You Think It Takes to be Successful in This Position? - I think the necessary qualities needed to be successful in this position would be a drive and determination to put forth the effort and time to show that you deserve the position rather than another person. I also think it takes the effort to understand the necessities needed to perform the job well so research would also be…show more content…
- My most rewarding accomplishment would be my social abilities and achievements. I think that the lack of social skills in people can definitely have an effect on them and peoples first impressions of them so i think that my success with it particularly is very good because I don't struggle with being open and social. What Are Your Salary Expectations? - My salary expectation would a reasonable amount that would teach me how to handle small, personal amounts of money that i keep on hand or in an account. My entry level job salary can introduce me to money and its responsibilities and how to save and spend. Tell Me About a Major Problem you Recently Handled. - A major problem I recently handled was with some confusion with a grade, my assignment had been missed and it had a great effect in the grade book so I took control and addressed the issue with the teacher face to face. I had to take into consideration how to address my teacher respectfully and make sure that the facts Im presenting are reliable and

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