Personal Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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All people have the same ability to develop a lot of capacities, although everybody gets their own strengths and weaknesses through the years. In order to become a person with good skills, we need to know ourselves and identify what behaviors change later. First of all, I am going to use some definitions about two authors for the main concepts of my essay. Next, I will make a comparison between several schools, so that can know the professions create different approach of people. Then I am going to talk about personal strengths and weaknesses. Strength (Seligman. 2017) is defined as a tool which helps us to grew, go ahead and overcome any situation and Weakness ("Las debilidades del ser humano", 2017) is defined as aspects in which we are not…show more content…
When I have had problems of school inscription or related to one matter, people administrative and teachers have helped me to solve them. It is great that teachers offer their out of school because they have their own life. Before starting my major, I have doubts about what career choose, I was good at math, physics and English but I did not have someone who gives me advices by which I decided to study what I most wanted to develop, practice and could teach to another one. The English was chosen due to I had more confidence and three semesters later I do not own the same level of my skills. My last strength is the most important, the. organization has let me to get whatever I wish. For instance, do homework, be part of the school sport teams, and work. That means as good you plan your schedule as good you reach your objectives. Through organization I have gotten the punctuality and responsibility, give my tasks on time, one day they are going to show that I am a reliable person. On the other hand, my five main weaknesses are: thought plain, apathy, antipathy, nervousness,

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