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After watching myself during the role play video, I realized I’m not so cute looking or my camera video quality sucks. During the role play video I felt like I was in a documentary. This assignment was a great tool and helped me realized my strengths and weaknesses. In this paper I will be covering my strengths, weaknesses and areas I could improve. I believe, I did somewhat of a good job in certain areas of playing the part as a social worker. I felt comfort asking open-ended questions to the client and felt like I was receiving good information back pertaining to the questions. I felt that I made it comfort for my client to open up and talk. The fact that the client was comfort and not defensive made it easy for me to ask questions. I think keeping eye contact with the client was also a strength of mine. My body language, the way I had my hands and my face expression were also some of my strengths. Approaching the client with good eye contact, body language, and a sign of interest makes the client feel safe and trustworthy. I think I also did very well in paraphrasing what the client was telling me. Repeating and having a clear understanding of client’s story. When it…show more content…
Especially when I got to see myself in video. I would say some of the weaknesses I caught while watching the video were that I didn’t have the right questions to ask to help the conversation flow. I would lose track of thought or pause for a while to think about the next question and I didn’t find that professional. I also wasn’t taking any notes when the clients was talking, I was sitting and listening but not writing down any important facts she was stating. Another weakness that I believe I had was, when my client would stay quite I would also tend to stay quite. There was moment where we were both silent. As I pointed out my strengths and weaknesses, I think it is important to discuss how I could improve on

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