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The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, is the most powerful weapon in middle-earth. It was created by Sauron to enslave the whole world, it is a part of who he is, as he is a part of it. They are one, Sauron and the Ring. Like most powerful weapons, it's power is balanced by a singular way to destroy it. It's weaknesses are not necessarily detrimental, it's strengths may not seem as such, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The One Ring has many strengths, some as a part of Sauron, the rest when other beings try to wield it. As a part of Sauron it enhances his own natural power and strength, it creates an aura of terror and fear all around it's master. After the Ring was lost to him, when men attempted to use it for themselves, it became the only thing they thought about, it consumed them. It led them to do things they never would have before. The Ring had a mind of it's own, it wanted to go back to Sauron. Therefore, it put the wearer in positions that would help it get closer to it's creator. It would also turn people on one another, brothers, friends, and allies. Lastly, it can only be destroyed in fires of Mount Doom where it was made. No hammer can break and no fire can melt save that of Mount Doom, deep…show more content…
One would think that being a small object would be a major weakness, but because of the Ring being conscious it is only a minor weakness. Beings small, the Ring is easily lost. Most of the time it is by design. It's only weakness in terms of destruction are the fires of Mount Doom. This is the only place in which in can be unmade. The end of the One Ring also means the death of Sauron, his fate is linked with the Ring. For the Ring to have maximum effectiveness, it needs to be worn by someone. For example, throughout the trilogy, Frodo (a hobbit) keeps the Ring on a chain around his neck, it only really affects him when he puts it on. (Tolkien,

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