Analysis Of Reverend Hale In The Crucible

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When young girls behave strangely in Puritan Salem, whom do townspeople call for advice? The people of Salem turn to Reverend Hale, a minister from a nearby town, to solve the problem. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Reverend Hale is an intelligent man, and his confidence makes him feel so important that he supports the witch trials. An outsider from another town, Hale eventually turns against the idea behind the witch trials because they were being used to place the blame on innocent people. Parents of the children would ask for Reverend Hale to come and check their daughters when the girls started to act in a way that would make them possibly considered to be a witch. Hale begins to believe what the witch accusers were saying and he starts…show more content…
Hale uses his reputation as an expert in figuring out witches to display his authority and eagerness. Hale is proud that he was called into Salem to detect witchcraft. In addition, Reverend Hale holds books that contain all kinds of information about spirits. As the witch-hunting accusations begin to spread, Reverend Hale is not the only one to take advantage of the witch-hunting crisis in Salem as a way to deal with past and present conflicts. The first accused are able to take advantage of the townspeople being increasingly pulled into Salem’s witch-hunt by manipulating the situation to name those they charge with bewitching them, such that anyone is suspect. Notably, Hale does not quite yet see what is to come from the foundation he has laid in helping to create a situation which hands power over to the girls. When the tables are turned and their word is given acceptance over that of those who would normally be believed. Reverend Hale demonstrates that he is passionate in his desire to destroy witchcraft by consciously manipulating the situation in Salem to bring the results he wanted to

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