Personal Essay: Why A Personal Development Plan?

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1. Why a Personal Development Plan? The Personal Development Plan gives me a glimpse of the vision of what I want to achieve in the future. And, whether am I actively taking steps to pursue the career of my dreams? Moreover the action plan is all about creating a long term goal for my career. Understanding Yourself: Discover Who You Are and What You Want However, before I can know what to do in the long term, I need to reflect on my current situation. Through this action plan, I will be using the SWOT Analysis, so as to know the different skills and weakness in my personal situation. By using it, I will gain a solid understanding of where I am now, and I can think about where I want to go. SWOT Analysis means the Strengths, Weakness, and identifies…show more content…
The ability to think and create something beautiful is a true art. As I can paint for long hours and this had enhanced my patience capability. Interests Technology is omnipresent within the society and it helps people to perform work such as sending or receiving e-mails, educating oneself on various topics through search engines. And I am interested by computer games, social networking, and internet browsing. Other interest would be hobbies that are playing cards, watching movies, tennis table and lastly photography. Weakness Furthermore in this concept I will focus about the things that I am not so good at, or the areas where I can improve my performance. While listing my weaknesses I will eventually find adequate solutions to reduce or manage them, so that they don’t stop me from achieving my goals. Opportunities Now that I will reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, I need to focus on understanding the opportunities that are open to me. • What opportunities are open to people who do these things well? I can get a promotion within the working atmosphere or I can enlarge my circle of contacts. • How can I minimize my

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