Mintzberg Model Of Educational Management

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ASSIGNMENT 2: Understanding Organizations Educational Management and leadership MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY Dr Hamed Al Sinawi Oman Medical Specialty Board Muscat – Oman Assignment 2a: An analysis of your organization There are 3 main models for organizational analysis described in the literature. These are the SWOT analysis, Mc- Kinsey 7- S model and mintzberg model. McKinsey 7s model is a tool introduced in 1980s and used in analyzing firms organizational design by looking at 7 key internal element, these are, strategy, structure, system, shared values, style staff and skills in order to achieve organization objectives The mintzberg model looks at the coordination of flowing five different elements of an organization: the operating…show more content…
We a have a range of qualified senior medical professionals who can diagnose and manage different cases. We provide care to patients of different age groups. Our second strength is that we are based in a university hospital. This means that we have access to the latest technology for investigations and treatment . It also means ability to consult doctors from other specialties when our patients have a physical disorder along with the psychiatric problem…show more content…
The inpatient unit allow us to admit patients who need further evaluation or in patient treatment. The occupational therapist helps patients in the recovery process, giving them the skills and self confidence so they can return to their pre morbid function. Opportunities: The economical development in Muscat means more expatriates are moving in to the country to work in different jobs. Most of those have their families and have medical insurance paid by their employers. If any of these develop mental illness then their employer would consider bringing them to us as we have doctors from different backgrounds who can communicate in different languages. The use of modern Technology such as efficient electronic medical records can reduce medical errors and enable us to conduct audits on our service which would help us improve the quality of our work. There are very few competitors in the market when it comes to providing psychiatric care in Muscat. The private clinics finds it difficult to retain patients for a long time because patients with mental health problems often need to take medications for a long time which can be expensive , being a government hospital means medicine is provided for free to our local

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