Nurse Manager Skills Inventory Analysis

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Nurse Manager Skills Inventory In order for me to progress in my career, I must have a clear perception of who I am. Therefore, I must be aware of my strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and what motivates me. Furthermore, to make changes in your life, you must have a sense of self-awareness. Knowing who you are allows you to understand other people and how you are perceived by them (Pathway to Happiness, n.d.). Therefore, it is important for you to assess your strengths and weaknesses. When I look at my strengths and weakness as it pertains to my career in the areas of personal and personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey disciplines and reflective practice, I see areas of improvement and areas that needs improvement. This inward look also made me ponder my growth and leadership skills. Personal and Professional Accountability In my career, I have to be accountable for my continuing learning. Being accountable means taking…show more content…
Even though I think I am a strong leader, the skills inventory revealed weakness more than strengths. But when my supervisor evaluated me, it was a real eye opener, because now I see how she and maybe others perceive me. Each category to the inventory reveal that my leadership skill are of novice experience. I realized that in order for me to be an effective nurse leader, I must to learn to achieve proficiency in each Nurse Manager Skills Inventory domains. My manager and I sat down to come up with a plan to help me to improve my leadership skills. She suggested that I attend the leadership class offered by the hospital. She recommended that I take the Charge Nurse Workshop and Leadership for the Novice Leader that is offered by the hospital. She also suggested that I take the Six Sigma training courses. My manager also encouraged me to continue to be a leader on our unit while I take my skills from novice to

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