Advantages And Disadvantages Of Euthanasia

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Contents -Introduction 1.1 The issue 1.2 The ethical problem it possesses - Religious positions 1.3 The Catholic position and their values 1.4 The Buddhist position and their values 1.5 The Secular position and their values -Strengths and Weaknesses 1.6 Strengths and weaknesses of the Catholic position 1.7 Strengths and weaknesses of the Buddhist position 1.8 Strengths and weaknesses of the Secular position -Conclusion 1.9 Evaluation of the Catholic Church’s stance Abstract. This report explains whether euthanasia can be ethically justified and the arguments for and against this wonder drug. Various religious and non-religious viewpoints are viewed in this report, in particular Catholicism, Buddhism and secularism…show more content…
The Buddhist and secular positions provide no support to the Catholic argument. Euthanasia is the act on whether to end his or her suffering. One of the two classifications of euthanasia is active euthanasia, which involves consciously taking deliberate action to the cause of death, such as depriving a patient of oxygen or giving them a lethal injection. Passive euthanasia on the other hand is causing the patient to pass through taking no action at all, such as taking away a life support…show more content…
however there’s a main trend to support voluntary euthanasia in the secular community. People are dependent on the law to make personal decisions on what is right and wrong. It can also give an insight into the ethicality of the decisions and the consequences of our actions. From a legal perspective, euthanasia is illegal in all states of Australia and in almost every country in the world. Many people believe that no government agency has the right to keep people from making decisions that affect only themselves, and that it is morally wrong to prolong the suffering of a person who wishes to end it. The AMA Code of Ethics which articulates and promotes a body of ethical principles to guide doctors' state that doctors should “ensure that death occurs with dignity and comfort” and that doctors must “respect the patient's autonomy regarding the management of their medical condition including the refusal of treatment”. So the AMA supports the idea of voluntary euthanasia and respects the dignity of each person. No one person is the same, we all have our own personal morals, and everyone has different opinions on

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