Water Scarcity In India

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The purpose of this report finding reasons and problems of water in India. The report indicates the water scarcity become the most important question in the whole world. The country in the water scarcity need more water resources, some solutions are listed in the following context. Water scarcity means that the some areas get the shortage about the water. The fresh water in India become very rare, 30% of the fresh water become bad and make the human beings get the ill. The two issues in India is that The first problem in India is dwindling groundwater supplies due to over-extraction by farmers. The second cause is the water pollution. The farmers in India will inject the water in the ground and use it in the land. 2.0 Method The information…show more content…
The second cause is the water pollution. Farmers dwind groundwater supplies due to over-extraction. Reduce the speed of the farmer that they inject the water. Due to the hot weather the farmer need to get the water resources to cultivate the plants. The farmers in order to survive to dwind the groundwater. The second cause is the water pollution. With the development of the city in India, the environment has become the worst destroyed, the city will produce the dirty water and pollute the fresh water and the city has no money to support the whole water system, so the dirty water cannot be cleaned clearly and give the hurt to the whole environment. For a long time, the environment system become the bad. The government can ask the help for the water organization in the world for money. In India, the government can raise the money from the rich human to build the whole water system. Only the system become completely, the city can become the normal running. Should no action be taken, there could be dire consequences. The World Health Organization estimates that 97 million Indians lack access to safe water today, second only to China. As a result, the World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water. Without change, the problem may get worse as India is projected to grow significantly in the coming decades and overtake China by 2028 to…show more content…
The problem of water shortage is further complicated when we look at the areal distribution of water resources with reference to population. According to the 2001 census data show that 77.9 per India's population has access to safe drinking water. In 90.0% of the urban population are better higher than 73.2% of the rural population. However, these figures may be misleading, when we look at individual cities, the real picture emerges

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