Importance Of Ford Assembly Line

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Importance of the Moving Assembly Line and the Model T Ford Before the world entered into the Industrial Revolution, all goods were made by hand and took weeks to months to produce. After the Industrial Revolution had begun, the first concept of the assembly line was created. The assembly line was comprised of each individual worker doing a certain job of producing a single part of the final product. Prior to Henry Ford, assembly lines involved horses carrying parts from one worker to the next to create the end product. The implementation of Ford’s moving assembly line established a world where mass production found widespread popularity for being the dawn of the automotive industry due to its many benefits. Prior to Ford’s moving assembly…show more content…
His assembly line was instituted in October of 1913. “On October 17, 1913, Ford’s … [engineers] constructed a crude system along an open space at the plant, complete with a winch and a rope stretched across the floor” (Ford Media Center). In particular, the moving assembly line sped up the production of the Model T Ford from 12 hours to 90 minutes. “In February 1914, [Ford] added a mechanized belt that chugged along at a speed of six feet a minute.” As Ford continually produced more and more of his cars, the production speed and cost of the cars grew directly proportional to each other and continually decreased. By the time of the 1920s, “customers wanted that was inexpensive and had all the bells and whistles that the Model T scorned - it had ushered in the era of the automobile for everyone” (…show more content…
Due to this occurrence, the differences between the rich and the poor began to shrink. The differences also shrunk, as a result of “Henry Ford … [upping] his wages to expand his market - paying employees enough to buy the cars they made” (Cwiek). Cwiek also says that the industrial middle class gave way to “an economy that was driven by consumer demand.” The middle class still continues to affect us today since the majority of America is a part of the middle class. Again the majority of the middle class rules society in job intake and they are the reason for the current said economy whether good or

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