Essay On Environmental Issues

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The environment is an important part of any life and there is no existence of life without environment. It is very difficult to stop those activities which are destroying our environment. The western media left no space, making the headlines regarding environmental issues in comparison to Indian media. Many factors influence the coverage of different social issues by the mass media. And it is important to study the role of Indian media in keeping the environmental issues as one of the major social issues on the public agenda in the 21st century since when these issues need much more attention by the mass media. Anup shah in his study explain that hence the role of mainstream media becomes more important in coverage as well as making agenda of any environmental issue. Recently the types of issues raised by media have an impact on the reporting of climate change or it has been looking more and…show more content…
In India with the proliferation of mass media, they have become an important tool for politicians only and political parties in reaching out to a large masses. Mass media over the years have influenced our societies in which citizen, not only enjoy freedom of speech and expression but it gives them a voice to speak against any issue. No doubt media has been rising the social issues when only seems to make the headline of the news. So what type of role should the media play in making the agenda of environmental issues in India? Whether the media should restrict themselves to the role of informing and educating the society on issues that are crucial to the people or set agenda for the larger debate on important issues like scarcity of water, air pollution, climate change etc. etc., are issues on which different people have different views. It is however is for sure that media have become an inevitable part of every
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