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INTRODUCTION TO FARMER’S SUICIDE IN INDIA: India is a agrarian country with 48.9% of the population depending directly or indirectly on the agricultural sector. Because of this dependency farmers suicide in India has become a huge concern. Several farmers in India commit suicide each year. The National Crime Records Bureau of India has reported that the cases of farmer suicides in the country are higher than that in any other occupation. According to them 11.2% of total suicides in the country are farmers suicides. The cases in the state of Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are comparatively higher. There are many reasons that force farmers to take this drastic step. Frequent droughts, floods, economic crises, debt, health issues, family responsibilities, changes in the government policies, alcohol addiction, low produce prices and poor irrigation facilities are few of the factors. REASONS: 1.Droughts 79.5% of India's farmland relies on natural rainfall, so inadequate rainfall can cause droughts, making crop failure more common.…show more content…
With low incomes and high costs of cultivation, their main source of capital for farming is loans. And their main sources of loan are moneylenders. In rural areas because of poor banking facilities farmers borrow money from local moneylenders at a high rates of interest. The moneylenders also easily bully them, this just adds to the farmers trauma. This borrowing of money pushes them into the vicious cycle of poverty, when they have to borrow more money to clear off the previous debts. Unable to cope with mounting debt, many choose to end their lives. Andhra Pradesh has the highest share of indebted agricultural households (93%), followed by Telangana (89%) and Tamil Nadu (82.1%). The nationwide figure is

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