Essay On Natural Resources

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Resources Anything that has a value can be used to fulfill our needs, this is called resources. Resources are evolved with time and technology. Peoples are the most important resource because without their knowledge and discoveries, things cannot turn into a resource. TYPES OF RESOURCES Resources can be classified into natural, human made and human. Natural Resources Resources that are directly extracted from the nature are called natural resources. For example Air, water, soils, minerals are all natural resources. Based on the level of development and use resources can be classified into two groups, actual resources and potential resources. • Actual resources are available in known quantity and utilize with the help of present day technology.…show more content…
Conventional power resources are those sources of energy which have been in common use for a long time such as Firewood and fossil fuels. Conventional power resources Firewood It is widely used in villages for cooking and heating. In India more than fifty per cent of the energy used by villagers comes from fire wood. It is very harmful for the environment. It is also the main cause of greenhouse effect and deforestation. Fossil fuel Fossil fuels are found in sedimentary rocks. Millions of years ago, plants and animals which were buried under the earth got converted into oil and gas due to the heat and pressure. Coal, oil, natural gas, shale gas etc. are the fossil fuels. The deposits of fossil fuels are limited in nature and they are found only in certain places. Coal • Coal is the most commonly used fossil fuel. It is used as a domestic fuel. • Coal is used industries such as iron and steel, steam engines and to power generation. • China, USA, India, Germany, Russia, South Africa and France are the leading producers of the coal in the world. • In India Raniganj, Jharia, Dhanbad and Bokaro are the main coal producing reasons.
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