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Many species introduced outside their native origin often thrive more successfully in their invaded environment than in their native habitat (McNeely 2001), this is evident in Lough Corrib, where L.major has exclusively dominated several littoral bays. Scalera and Zaggi (2004) noted that an exotic invasive species is considered ‘invasive’ once it is capable of establishing a steady population, colonizing and altering an ecosystem and capable of rapid expansion in natural or semi-natural ecosystems. Invasive species represent one of the greatest threats to biodiversity (Vitousek et al. 1997) altering local ecosystems (Davis et al. 2000) changing species composition, population structures and trophic interactions (Yanet al. 2001) and thus compromising biodiversity.…show more content…
2006). Airports represent a significant pathway risk. For example, of the 725,000 pest interceptions at US ports of entry between 1984 and 2000, 73% occurred at airports rather than seaports (9%), with twice as many pests associated with baggage than cargo (McCullough et al. 2006). Ballast water transits from one geographical region to another collectively with hull stowaways have proven to be an important vector of transport for invasive species (Verling et al. 2005). Marine and freshwater environments are ideal playgrounds for aquatic invasive species (AIS) where species often go unnoticed for long periods of time, allowing populations to establish before successful invasion is noticed. A global marine assessment carried out by Molnar in 2008, revealed that only 16% of marine ecosystems have no reported marine invasions. It is easy to see how this is so, for example, a wooden sailing vessel in 1750 had the potential to carry 120 marine organisms through fouling, boring into or clutching to the hull; and a further 30 associated with dry ballast and the anchor chain (Carlton 1999). It is a difficult task to get a global

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