Literary Analysis Of The Monster

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The song Monster is not a song most people label as happy. In fact, most likely it called depressing. The lyrics describe the internal fight between a man and the monster inside of him. A fight that the man seems to be losing. This man who has never been able to fit with crowd around him, and is afraid to anyone his true face, the face of a monster. This struggle is one that many of us have faced. We all have that dark streak inside us and we do our best to hide it, or be labeled as villains. Personally, when I hear this song I don’t hear the depressing tale of man losing his fight against the darkness in him. No, I hear the story of a man who is fighting with all of his strength. A man who is still fighting despite the odds being stacked against him, yet, he still fights.…show more content…
;A monster, a monster,; I've turned into a monster, ; A monster, a monster,; And it keeps getting stronger.”. These lines show how this man is visualizing what is happening in his mental space. Using a metaphor in this way is not uncommon. For many the plot of man versus self is a daily occurrence. Picturing yourself battling a fierce demon can often help you have the strength to push on. This man is using a well known coping mechanism to not help himself survive, but to explain to others what is taking place inside of his mental

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