Finisar Global Case Study Solution

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Finisar global strives to achieve duality in manufacturing and maintaining customer’s satisfaction. In sustaining the reliability of these two elements, Finisar has made several steps forward by providing superior product quality, reliability, and value that tops among other competitors in the manufacturing business. Having wide range of products available, Finisar meets customer’s specific needs and expectations for technical innovation, superior responsiveness, delivery, and continual improvement. Nonetheless, continuous research and development (R&D) are being made using existing products in order to improve their design, technology and also its reliability in handling massive loads of incoming signals. Not to forget about Finisar’s responsibility…show more content…
Finisar implements a continuing program of employee education and engagement to increase the awareness of environmental issues in workplace and in the community. Employees of Finisar actively participate on ISO 14001 teams, safety committees, green teams and community sponsored recycling events or roadside cleanups. Many of the recycling opportunities are driven from ideas of the employees. Environmentally Conscious Processes Finisar perform the business while complying with all applicable environmental requirements reliably and efficiently. Apart from that, Finisar ensures an attentive control on the substances used for the business and factory processes. Actions are taken to reduce, substitute, and remove the use of substances that can be hazardous to the environment and human health. Finisar has made great strides in reducing the environmental footprint by recognizing recycling possibilities, setting objectives and reaching goals in all aspects of business, from office spaces to factory floors. Corporate Environmental Goals Finisar has established 4 corporate goals with a target of 5 years starting from

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