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According to iRami (2012) stated that the shipping plays an important role in world trade which is the backbone of the world economy. Recently, without these boats and vessels provide transportation services, many countries will be unable to participate in world trade and will not be as prosperous. From centuries past, the sea has always been important to all country at the world which as an important factor of economic development of every maritime country. The maritime sector contributes significantly to the economic development. Underling this is the fact that 95% of the country international trade is carried in whole or in part by maritime transport. An efficiency of the transport that will improve the liberalization of the economy, the prospects for further growth of the industry remain strong. Seaport is plays a major role within the integrated of transport chains. The place of port is an interchange between land and sea which to transferring cargos and accepting ships. They are usually located in the ocean, sea, river, lake edge. The ports usually have a cargo handling facility such as cranes and forklifts for use in loading or discharge of vessels which may be provided by private interests. The key to success of every shipping…show more content…
However, it still cannot avoid some issues such as the piracy and terrorist issues. Besides that, the increasing of the ships and other maritime related activity will bring the issue of the environmental pollution issue. It will bring the threats of maritime pollution because of the accidental spills, illegal dumping of waste, and so on. As well as, that will influence the health of the human and organism inside the sea. Therefore, to address maritime security concern requires international efforts. To scope the maritime safety and health issues are including action which taken by government organization and evolution of

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