Water Pollution In Malaysia

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2.1 Water 2.2 River Malaysia is divided into two parts, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, and are drained by 150 river systems. About 100 of these are in Peninsular Malaysia and 50 in East Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak (Chan et al. 2003). The largest river in Malaysia is Sg. Rajang with the catchment area of 51,000 sq.km while in the peninsular is Sungai Pahang with the catchment of 29,000 sq.km ( Chan et al. 2003). In the world standards, Malaysian rivers are short and steep (Keizrul A.,2002). Due to scarcity of fresh water such as river, water pollution has become a global concern. Furthermore, water quality depletion will lead to unhealthy natural resource and affect the overall environment (Ujanh et al. 2008). The World Health Organization…show more content…
Government are responsible to overcome the critical issue related to river water. According to Muyibi, it is proved that the development activities had induced the water pollution problem in Malaysia. Most of wastewater discharged from the manufacturing industry, agro-based industry, domestic sewage, animal droppings, mining activity and earthworks activity led to the problem of freshwater pollution in Malaysia. Water pollution in the river can be divided into several parameters, namely physical parameters, chemical parameters, and biological parameters. In order to protect the valuable water resource, understanding of the natural evolution of water chemistry under the natural water circulation process combined with knowledge about the background of the study area are…show more content…
In this study, Alor Gajah River, Melaka was chosen for a river water monitoring and management. Alor Gajah river are located near to housing area and market, a lot of water flow come from rain, pipe or hose which does not sink into the groundwater will flow into the nearest stream. In fact, much of the water that soaks down into aquifers also eventually finds its way to a stream. Several things which affect the water quality of Alor Gajah River are waste dumping, animals dung and the uses of fertilizer and pesticides. Therefore, this study is conducted to analyse the water quality at those location and to find the best way to manage the river quality. The river pollution keeps increasing day by day so an immediate solution is needed. As stated before, data tabulation of Alor Gajah River has not been mapped in any studies yet, so it faces many challenges and the issues of river health and restoration are receiving more attention. This study will focus on how to develop a complete data mapping and storing the current existing data of Alor Gajah

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