Importance Of Energy Audit

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Energy cost has become an important segment of operational cost for all industry. Energy consumption in industrial sector consist of heating, cooling, pumping, process, lighting and utilities. Any utilities with high power consumption are generation of compress air for pneumatic applications. Many industrial sectors has adopted energy management system in order to reduce overall energy consumption. A modern industrial compressed air system is composed of several major sub-systems and many sub-components. Major sub-systems include the compressor, prime mover, controls, treatment equipment and accessories, and the distribution system. The compressor is the mechanical device that takes in ambient air and increases its pressure. The prime mover…show more content…
Besides, the objective of energy management is to minimize environment effects. 1.1.2 Energy Audit Energy Audit may be considered as the first step towards understanding how energy is being used in a given facility. Energy audit is usually one of the first steps in an energy management program. It shows how efficiently energy is being used and highlights opportunities for energy cost savings. It can also show ways to improve productivity. Energy audits take a thorough look at particular facilities, processes, or technologies. Energy audit means accounting precisely for energy purchases and energy uses, for the various functions and processes carried out in an organization. Such and audit is carried out in conjunction with an overall energy efficiency program and bearing in mind the fundamental links between energy use and environmental…show more content…
Usually, the compressor is used in regulation of the suction valve, to ensure a stable output 7881 pressure, but this method makes the compressor in the absence of gas supply situation still need to the consumption of 30% to 70% of rated power, serious waste. Therefore, to reduce energy waste, effective measures are variable frequency control, the control group, the number of compressor. And those measures in the factory production basically ignored, and ensure the pressure becomes the most factories only requirement of compressor management

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