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Technology Starbuck has come a long way and one factor that has helped it develop from one level to another is incorporation of technology in its operations. Starbucks still has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, but its operations are worldwide. The geographical diversity has not altered the high quality of the products this company offers to its clients because the company has invested a lot in technology. Through technology, the company is able to communicate clearly the values of the company to all its stakeholders who respond positively. Through technology, the company has been in a position to venture into new products, hence widening the range of products it offers to the market. The company invests considerably in research and…show more content…
Technology is highly dynamic and companies relying on it need to put measures to cope with the changes. Due to this, Starbucks invests heavily in technology. This not only helps Starbucks to beat its competitors, but also helps the company handle the ever increasing number of customers in the most efficient, satisfying manner. Culture Starbuck is like a community that has evolved since its inception in 1971. It is a community because there is a unique way in which the stakeholders of Starbucks relate with each other. Satisfaction of a client is something that is highly regarded by everybody at Starbuck. This is very important that the CEO can leave the comfort of his office to come and train the junior employees on how to handle the clients friendly. CEO Howard Schultz used to do this often. How Starbuck Monitors and Evaluates Progress of its Plans and Strategies Good strategies and plans add up to nothing if they are not implemented. A phenomenal feature that follows implementation of strategies and plans is assessment to investigate whether the progress is as per projected. Starbucks Coffee Company assesses its plans and strategies to measure the overall progress of the organization in a number of…show more content…
Each outcome is analyzed alongside its corresponding strategy. The frequency of the meetings depends on the type of the strategy. If the strategy spans over a year, the meetings are organized yearly, but if the strategy is to for only one year, the meetings can be either on monthly or quarterly. In the meetings, discussions of the market response of a certain strategy are discussed. Some staff are delegated the duty of observing the way a certain strategy is working out and reporting the progress appropriately. Starbucks have invested considerably in technology, especially information and data technology. Through their online portals, they are able to monitor the progress of an implemented strategy. Social media has also been another platform where the company monitors and gets response from the public. This includes receiving feedback from clients either online or through suggestion boxes. The feedbacks are then analyzed. Each year, Starbuck announces the financial situation of the company. In this announcement the growth of the company is also featured. This gives a clue of the effect a certain applied strategy is having on the profits. If the profits exhibit a declining trend, perhaps the strategy is not working and vice

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