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I. Introduction Charity Club is one of the Student Activity Club in Bina Nusantara University that was made in the year of 2015. Charity Club is a club that focuses on making the event about giving charity to people that need it. Charity Club also provides the student of Bina Nusantara University a place for them to give charity to others in case of giving hope and help those children to achieve their dream of doing sports and other activity. Kids with disability disorder may think that they cannot do the same thing like the other kids that did not have disability disorder. In Indonesia especially, kids with disability disorder were treated differently from others. They cannot do the same thing with other kids If we see people from other nation,…show more content…
Background All children need love, encouragement, and support, and for kids with learning disabilities, such positive reinforcement can help ensure that they emerge with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough. The disabled child is not defined by his or her learning disability. A learning disability represents one area of weakness, but there are many more areas of strengths. Focus on your child’s gifts and talents. Your child’s life—and schedule—shouldn’t revolve around the learning disability. Nurture the activities where he or she excels, and make plenty of time for them. In searching for ways to help children with learning disabilities, we always remember that we are looking for a ways to help them and also help themselves. Our job is not to “cure” their learning disability, but to give them the social and emotional tools that he or she needs to work through every challenge. In the long run, facing and overcoming a challenge such as a learning disability can help the child grow stronger and more…show more content…
we can and should take an active role in child’s education. It may seem like common sense that learning involves the body as well as the brain, but when the child’s eating, sleep, and exercise habits may be even more important. If children with learning disabilities are eating right and getting enough sleep and exercise, they will be better able to focus, concentrate, and work hard. III. Activity Name Theme : Competition & talk show for the disable children. Event Name : Competition & talk show “GODISABLE” IV. Event Timeline Time Description 8:00 to 9:00 Opening speech from Event leader 9:00 Start of the event 9:00 to 12:00 Interactions, competition and learning skill enhance 12:00 to 13:00 Lunch 13:00 to 14:45 Talkshow about "GODISABLE" from speakers 14:45 to 15:00 Closing speech from Event leader 15:00 End of the event V. Event Aim Our event aims are: - Kids with disability disorder can compete with other. - Kids with disability can also learn something new and enhance their learning skill from the tools we provide - Give a motivation to kids with disability disorder. VI. Audience Target Our audience targets are: - Some

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