Nestle Marketing Analysis

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5.2 Evaluation Evaluation is gauging the extent to which the marketing objectives have been achieved during the specified time period. Every company have their own evaluation for every activities their company have do for make sure their objectives can be achieved. Nestle always try to manufacture products that are best able to meet the needs of its customers. Nestle always observe the environment and yo are trying to create a healthy environment in the community at large to produce products consisting of nutritious ingredients. Therefore, to achieve its objectives, the Nestle has worked with experts to solve the problems related to environmental health. With the number of initiatives have been undertaken by the nestle and assessment was made…show more content…
Finally, they have managed to make savings of CHF 10 miliar for their company. Operational efficiency program that has been done by the company Nestle has been a success, which is made a successful savings have exceeded the target of CHF 1milliar on 2007. If we calculated from 1996, the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) has decreased form 52.1% on 1996 that become less than from 42% on 2007. The key of this succesfull is from strategy savings that had made by nestle. So, they can achieved the profits for their company from this…show more content…
The purpose of the project is to improve the performance of the globe and business efficiency nestle around the world. The GLOBE project is ERP (enterprise resource planning) that use SAP software. GLOBE allows each business to operate with the most optimal structure and to encourage the emergence of demand. Great benefits obtained through GLOBE such as supply chain management improved by reducing working capital and provide new products to drive growth. GLOBE project had been launched by Nestle as appropriate ERP system has now become the need of global companies that want to remain competitive in the global business competition. With the company's ERP can synergize the overall business process in the company so that business processes are efficient and effective, as well as facilitate the "knowledge sharing" between the respective divisions. This practice, which generally are saving factors, but also focus on how to serve customers better and provide greater product and high quality, which is also the main factor of demand. This operational excellence is a competitive advantage compared with companies Nestle

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