Red Bull Advertisement Analysis

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Red bull product can be one of the good advertisement that able to create customer taught about that products can be in good feedbacks why is said because the red bull company has done a creative advertisement. The name of this products Red bull was stands from the word of Thailand. The logo itself shows the image of bull that shows that once the drink this drinks it may give new energy in our body that from all the tiredness that we fell out. Besides that, Red bull not only stands for energy drink it also stands for many Red bull cobra helicopter, Red bull F1 car and Red bull PlayStation. From this variety it my influence customer purchasing role whenever they start to think that product can become good products or satisfy them a lot so they…show more content…
From that advertisement that can induce the customer thinking. In that way once the advertisement shows some good idea that in creative way it may influence the customer purchasing power because that advertisement make the buyer to buy it and they have shown some new thing in that products. For example in products Canon camera what I seen here was the concept of the products is innovation production that the camera able to take clear picture even though in swimming. Besides that, Canon camera was introduced some new idea that satisfy customer needs and it also one of the demanding product now days because a lot of people I see have craziness in purchasing digital camera because it provide good image quality to customer especially the customer are the photograph…show more content…
This product become well in market because of the customer thinks that Zara brand is so special it is because of the product line its so update based on now days fashion. Normally Zara brand shop as the clothes or other product in the 2 or 3 week process. It’s happen because the Zara brands always change their product on the time without having the same material in the shop until the stock finish. They normally supply limited amount of product in their shop. Secondly, they are special in the way of the product display was so nice arrangement and the shop in look and outlook so standard. These shop appearances make some customer to purchase their product. The third thing they are so special in the way of deliver I mean by the online dealing with the customer. It’s so simple and easy because the online business the just required to follow some step in selecting the product and the deliver process are so fast within 2 to 3 week .It just required some extra charges for the deliver process. They are applying Just in time concept in their business

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