Working Conditions In Bangladesh Essay

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Clothing has been a big part of society for a long time, for some it’s about making a fashion statement, others it’s about showing off their wealth, while for others it’s just about keeping yourself from being naked. Whether its buying Gucci loafers or a cute shirt from H&M there’s enough clothes for most people to browse and purchase. Getting new clothes is always an exciting matter, although many people don’t think about where their clothing might have come from or who made it and what they went through to make it. Throughout this essay I’ll be talking about the working conditions in Bangladesh, laws that are being violated in the country within the garment industry, and major companies that are receiving from sweatshops. Because major brand…show more content…
Although they don’t take into consideration as to where it came from and who the actual producer of that garment was. Sweatshops aren’t in the media therefore there’s no major knowledge on what going on in the background. The reality is that the working conditions of the men and women in sweatshops aren’t great; they’re earning below standard, working countless hours, and in dangerous and unsanitary factories. Workers in Bangladesh are earning about two dollars more above minimum wage with a total of three thousand taka or thirty-seven dollars each month, they’re subjected to fourteen to sixteen hours of work each day, and the factories are usually under structured that they have caused many work injuries and about fifty fires (War Or Want). What they earn is barely enough to support a family with a home, school, and food on the table. They’re forced into finishing the number of garments regulated in order to leave work and the amount is high which forces them to stay long hours. This gives workers little to no time to get a full sleep when they have to go to work again and for the parents who probably don’t get to have much time for their kids. Along with all this the work environment in Bangladesh factories are hazardous, there’s workers dying because the conditions are either toxic or these major fires are taking people’s

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