Customer Relationship Management In Starbucks

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For Starbucks to become famous and achieve such success as it is today, it is not only due to the quality of Starbucks’s products offer to the marketplace but also its customer service. During the presentation of group six, they had said that a smart business was the one whose priority was to take care of its customer. And, in order for businesses to perform better, they need to clearly understand what their customers’ needs. We strongly agree with that customer relationship management is extremely an important part for many corporations. And Starbucks is not an exception; it has captured it very well, and even recognized the application of technology will help it serve customers much better, and make it turn out to be a well-known brand.…show more content…
It always listens and communicates with its customers. Starbucks has done this by using social media to gather customers’ information such as feelings, demands, ideas, events, and etc. On most of the social media channels today, Starbucks uses most of its time to interact directly with customers rather than providing only new contents, or advertising articles. In addition, Starbucks acknowledges customers do not interested in what is rigid, or boring. Therefore, its fan pages often show off with the eye-catching images, art together with its products, and also do not forget to post such a funny or attractive…show more content…
Starbucks is very creative in serving customers. Not surprisingly, Starbucks’s over the phone transactions accounted for 24% of the total in-store transactions in the United States and has continually increased significantly (Berthene, 2016). This application is designed base on the speedy and time saving platform. It brings a lot of new and convenient experiences for customers. By using the smartphone, clients can place orders for their food or drinks beforehand. They can even customize how they want their drinks to be like such as extra topping, extra whipping cream, and etc. After 5 to 10 minutes, their orders will be ready to pick up from a nearby store. Furthermore, for every dollar they spent, they can collect two stars. Whenever they reach 125 stars, they can redeem for a free drink or food. They can use this application to make a payment in-store, and still can earn the same rewards. With higher productivity and more effectively serving, it will support Starbucks to drive more sales. It means customers are no longer have to wait in line as well. Once customers are satisfied, they are willing to go back instead of losing patience and walk away from the store. For Starbucks, they absolutely can benefit hundreds of millions of dollars per year just by saving up to 10 minutes a day for customers with Mobile Order & Pay

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