Unit 1 Assignment

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CMSgt Agard, First of all, I would like to thank for reviewing my 1B retraining application. Per MSgt Cochran's instruction please see my following responses the questions: 1) Have you completed any computer classes/degrees, certifications, or IT related training that is not part of your official Air Force records? - I have earned an Associate of Science Degree in Information and Computer Science through Park University. Furthermore, I am currently 7 classes shy from Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science in Networking and Security. For a list of classes that I have completed (or planning to complete)pertaining to my undergraduate degree please see attached summary of my Degree Audit printout. Since, my current AFSC…show more content…
In between the classes, I like to dedicate my networking lab, which consists of a Cisco 2950 switch, a laptop running Kali 2.0, a desktop computer which I am currently working on turning into a Bare Metal Hypervisor to run Windows, OpenVPN, and a Linux Server. In the nearest future, I am also planning to purchase a Cisco switch, and another Cisco Switch. One of my most considerable IT projects was upgrading CE Electric shop's LAN to CAT6, during CE Electric shop renovation last year. I have planned, ran 1500 feet of CAT6 cable to 12 network devices, 21 punch down keystone termination points, installed CAT6 patch panel and made 42 patch cables connecting everything to a Cisco…show more content…
- My life motto is "Hope for the best! Plan for the worst!". The best case, I see myself as an USAF Cyber Warrior with Graduate degree in Cyber Operations (GCO) from the AFIT Graduate School of Engineering and Management. In the worst case a civilian Cyber Researcher with Graduate Degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech or Computer Engineering from Boston University. Furthermore, as soon as I am done with traditional academia, I plan to pursue CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+, and etc.), CISCO (CCENT, CCNA and etc.), and Ethical Hacker certifications. With regards to the Classmaker assessment. I have completed the assessment, I find it to be very interesting and refreshing. The most of the questions presented were familiar to me but I haven't seen it a long time. I am sure, I have missed most of the questions. Please take into considerations that my current AFSC is not related to IT field in any shape or form and I don't get to sharpen my IT skills on regular

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