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1. People stay in unsatisfying jobs for numerous reasons, and most of these reasons due to family, finances, and a comfort factor. I will highlight three key reasons for staying put: It is easy, and easier not to change and to keep the status quo in our current job. It takes time, effort, and an absence from your current job to start a new job search. Secondly, a brand new job involves a fresh start and a steep learning curve, often times beginning at ground zero. You will have to prove yourself all over again, build credibility with the boss and among peers, and learn new techniques in a different environment. In a sense, you will leave everything you have built for a new empire. Third, there is a cat-and-mouse game of sticking around…show more content…
I see potential drawbacks within aligning a realistic work model and the job crafting approach. In all reality, work is work, and assigned tasks need to be accomplished in a very timely manner. However, innovative solutions can be provided to leadership with the appropriate amount of research to justify solutions. I did this in 2012 when I was researching where my team would be deploying, Afghanistan, and I was passionate about this activity and led me to being satisfied with my work. I read every book on Afghanistan that I could get my hands on, and delved into their conflicts of the past. I interviewed numerous individuals who had been in the country, and gathered all the information from them that I could. We would be conducting a mission termed “Village Stability Operations,” a very high-risk task. We would live among the Afghan citizens at no real military base or instillation, immersing ourselves in their lifestyle. This was in hopes to achieve governance, security, and ultimately stability among the land. My studies brought me upon the commonality of beards among males living in Afghanistan. In every picture I saw, and interview with fellow service members I conducted, the beard was evident. It was a sign of respect and devotion to Islam, even the village elders in Afghanistan grew long beards and dyed them red to identify their leadership position. I put in a request to my boss, justifying my team have “relaxed grooming standards,” or the ability to grow facial hair. This initially was met with resistance because service members are known for being clean cut and properly dressed. I assured him we would maintain pride and professionalism, and that the goal would be to develop rapport with members of the Afghan culture. Ultimately, my request was approved and it had a profound effect upon my organization; we were now viewed by the group commander in San Diego as empathetic individuals who could readily adjust our own standards to benefit

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