Bowen's Disease

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Acne is a very common skin condition that occurs when hair follicles are plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne does not only affect teens, but also has an increasingly affect on women and men; ages ranging from 20 and up, and sometimes men and women age 50 and up. Signs of acne are cysts, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. People with acne show symptoms of low self-esteem, depression, dark spots on the skin, and scars. Low self-esteem and depression comes from the appearance acne may have on the person’s skin especially being on the face. Dark spots are the result of the healing stage of acne. Acne is caused when the body makes lots of sebum oil, which keeps our skin from drying out, but when too much of that oil is produced it…show more content…
Bowen disease main signs are red scaly patches on the skin. It is not hereditary and cannot be passed to others. In most cases the disease develops as a result of long term sun exposure, and with people with fair skin are at high risk of developing Bowen’s disease. Sometimes Bowen’s disease develops on parts of the skin that has not been exposed to sunlight or in people who have had radiotherapy. Bowen's disease can affect any part of the skin: arms, legs, and even buttocks. Bowen's disease in elderly women appears most commonly on the lower legs and in men it may affect the genital region of the body. Bowen's disease targets the deeper layer of skin and can become a more serious type of cancer; this only occurs when it’s left untreated. Bowen's disease takes on an appearance as psoriasis or eczema due to the red scaly patches on the skin. Skin that is affected by the disease can be red, sore, bleed, and sometimes scabby. Bowen's disease is more common in woman than men and affects older people in ages ranging from 70-80 years of age, due to the over exposure of sun through the years. It can be treated by simply going to a dermatologist in the early stages by doing cryotherapy where liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the affected area and freezed, other treatment is chemotherapy cream, or even surgery to cut off the abnormal skin. If Bowen's disease is left untreated; or not monitored it can turn

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