Verizon: Verizon Wireless Technology Woes

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Verizon Wireless Technology Woes Verizon Wireless, or commonly referred to as Verizon, is a wireless service provider that caters to over 135 million subscribers. It is the largest wireless service provider in the United States. It has 2,330 locations across the United States with their headquarters lying in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Their current slogan is “Better Matters”. The Experience After an evening of taking pictures and making numerous phone calls, my iPhone 4 decided it wanted to take a crash. It began clicking items that I wasn’t touching and typing letters that I wasn’t clicking. It was frustrating to say the very least. The next morning I called the 1-800 number for Verizon Customer Service. Unfortunately, I ran into hi-tech…show more content…
The Wall Street Journal made solid points on hi-tech or hi-touch. They noted that one of the trends right now is the more people want hi-tech, the more people want hi-touch. This couldn’t be truer and connect to the experience I had. I wanted a fast way to get through, but I also wanted the representative. The book also notes that “phone mail can become phone jail.” The automated machine did not understand what I was saying and the options it had given me did not exactly fit what was going on in my case. I felt like I was trapped in the call, especially when I was waiting on the phone for a half hour to be connected to a…show more content…
The marketers barely have a say in the early steps of creating the customer interface design. The marketer could prevent the automated idiocy of Verizon. The marketer could have prefaced to Verizon that they need a disclosure at the beginning of the automated call. The disclosure could say, “It is in our best interest to serve our Verizon customers better. Please speak clearly and be patient with our automated services. We are continuously making changes to better this service. Thank you for your continued support.” The next step is for Verizon to stay more customer focused, and not as machine focused. It is an essential part of the customer interface. In this case, Verizon could have an option from the start if you would like to speak to a representative right away, or if you would rather go through the series of questions. In some instances it could be easier to go through the automated service, but sometimes a customer just needs to get straight through. This would be much more customer focused, as it would save time and make the customer feel that Verizon cares enough to give them the

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