Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment

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One thing I love the most about this degree course is how we interact with media and really get to understand the message being sent. This assignment is of course no different. I don’t watch sitcoms too much anymore so I went back to one my daughter and I use to enjoy watching: How I met your mother. In this particular episode Barney and Robin have recently broken up. Robing is still angry at Barney, however, Barney has moved on and is dating and well’ being Barney. The scene chosen from this episode is when Barney realizes how he has hurt Robin. Using Burke’s Dramatistic Pentad (Griffin, 2015), let’s identify the sections. During the episode we see the “Act” (Griffin, 2015, p. 295) play out. Barney is dating and Robin has set him up to teach

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