Cache Level 3 Unit 1 Assignment

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Unit 1 Assignment-booklet This booklet will show the expected pattern of babies and young children in their development from birth to 8 years Cognitive • Reflex stage- this includes actions such as grasping, sucking, repeating actions such as moving arms up and down. Circular reactions develop so instaed of just repeating a action for a paticular reason e.g kicking legs to move a object around them. • 12- 18 months will be able to look for ways to solve a problem e.g a ball that needs moved may be pushed or kicked so it rolls. • 18-24 months- will find the ball even if it is not in sight and be able to put it where they want it showing they are able to solve problems • 2-4 years- large increase in participation of creative activities…show more content…
The child will now start to control their feelings and be able to empathise with others. Social 0-2- Plays happily alone with little/ no communication and is not interested in emgaging with other children during play but will reguraly make eye contact to make sure they are not completely alone. 2-4 years- Will play along side other children and join in each others games but will sometimes have little communication. They are now aware of others around them and will copy their actions 4-8years- Stable relationships are now built and willl choose who they want to play with. Their behaviour will adapt around certain people and in different situations. planned activity 0-2months sensory game- Using the sensory game will develop a babies awarness and will involve simple maths and literacy by looking at patterns and learning about different textures.This will engage and child and develop their concentration, helping them to communicate with others through play and noises. The child is able to understand we hear and feel different things depending on the object. Even though they will not fully understand it helps them to start developing their

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