Infosys 730 Unit 1 Assignment

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Utkarsha Mishra 30 September 2015 Network Neutrality Assignment 4, INFOSYS 730 Simply put, network neutrality (or net neutrality) is the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data traveling through their networks fairly without discriminating in favour of(or against) particular websites, services or applications (apps). Net neutrality is about creating a neutral internet and the basic principle behind it is that the internet should be a free and open platform (common pool scenario), like electricity. You use electricity in your homes as you please, using it in appliances with complete freedom and the electric company has no say over how you use your electricity. They only get to charge you…show more content…
This allowed the telecom companies to act freely and were not forced to follow the net neutrality rules. Recently, FCC approved the net neutrality rules that prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing down the web traffic or creating fast internet lanes for which content providers like Netflix must pay for. Now, the FCC requires that the ISPs must disclose what speed it offers, what types of applications would work over that speed and how they monitor/inspect traffic, so that the users can make informed decisions when subscribing for internet service. European Union has been striving for net neutrality. In June, 2015, the European Commission announced an agreement between the European Parliament and EU Council that claims to protect network neutrality. The European Commission, in a press release, said that “users will be free to access the content of their choice , they will not be unfairly blocked or slowed down anymore, and paid prioritisation will be not allowed.” The agreement also allows for “specialised services of higher quality”, which means that On Demand services like Netflix etc. would be delivered over a faster network, much like internet fast lanes. US vs Europe’s net neutrality rules. Image Source :

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