The Crusades Essay

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The Crusades were a series of battles that, from the beginning, had religious undertones. When King Louis IX fell ill, he believed the power of prayer made him well again. With this, he promised to do his duty to protect his Christian faith against the Muslim Turks. At this point, the Turks were in control of the city of Jerusalem, which is viewed as a Holy city by all Abrahamic religions. In the name of God, King Louis IX declared battle against what he considered infidels. Unfortunately, the Crusades took advantage of people’s religious devotion, the lives of millions of people on both sides, and tested the morals of otherwise decent people. The Church played a major role in the formation and perpetuation of the Crusades. They promoted…show more content…
Those who disagreed with the cause found that men who became Crusaders had a multitude of reasons to join, but found that very few joined for good causes. Annales Herbipolenses had a harshly negative view of the Crusaders, and wrote about what he witnessed. In his account, he wrote that “The intentions of the various men were different. Some, indeed, lusted after novelties and went in order to learn about new lands. Others there were who were driven by poverty... these men went to fight... but even against the friends of the Christian name, wherever opportunity appeared, in order to relieve their poverty. There were others who were oppressed by debts to other men or who sought to escape the service due to their lords…” As mentioned by the Crusader Letters, these war zones were rich with grains, wine, oil, silver, gold, and many other riches. Annales also described that many men fought just for the sake of ridding themselves of poverty. Whether or not they believed in the cause, some Crusaders were willing to harm other people to solve their debts. The reason that people have been critical of the Crusades and the soldiers throughout history is because the mixture of false religious promises and saving oneself from debt brought out the worst in people. Most of these men believed they were doing the right thing by God, as the Muslims most likely believed they were defending Jerusalem in the name of Allah for the right reasons
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