Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment 1

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1. The school’s ESL teacher has been asked to work with an English learner who receives special education services (i.e., has an IEP). She is unfamiliar with the legal rights of English learners with disabilities. What would you tell her about the student’s rights? For teachers teaching English learners with disabilities they need to know students rights. On page 33 of the text it discusses these specific rights. Some rights include free and appropriate public education for all students with disabilities, use of nondiscriminatory evaluation, development of an IEP, a least restricted environment for the students, implementation of due process procedures, and parental right participation. These rights are important to know so the student…show more content…
She used things such as smell and would literally smell to get the students understand what she meant. The teacher reviewed many times during the lesson. She would go back and review what they just learned and discussed. b. Identify four contextual supports the teacher can change or add to improve her lesson. I believe this teacher could improve her lesson by a few things. The teacher could have not just talked to the student. She could have interacted more with them by allowing the to feel the items. The teacher could have used the children’s native language to describe what the objects were before they moved into English. On the flashcards, the teacher could have put their language and the English word on the card. That way the student would know what the words on the card actually meant, same with the picture cards. The teacher could have the students work in pair or small groups, while having flashcards to learn the vocabulary. This would be helpful because it would be repetitive for the students. 4. Watch the video demonstrating ongoing research with ELLs. Identify three instructional supports used by the researchers in the video and explain why they are helpful to

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