Twin Disadvantages

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Much scientific research has been done about twins and their families, looking into how the people surrounding the twins feel about them, but there is little literature that examines a twin’s experience of being a twin. According to ( the definition of a twin is “either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other from the same birth.” It is this definition which explains what the experience of being a twin is like, “closely related”, although what doesn’t come with the definition are the disadvantages of being a twin and the many other complexities that come with being a twin. According to Christina Baglivi (2012), multiples experience additional obstacles compared to a singleton child.…show more content…
She discussed the advantages of being a twin coming from the perspective of a mother with a set of twins. According to Baglivi (2012), research that she conducted with her twin sons showed that adolescent twins remain closer to their parents than singleton children. This statement could be seen as true and false as many children have different views on their parents with regards to their home life and many other factors that contribute to what their relationship would be with their parents. Another positive trait about being a twin would also be the company that twins provide for each other, which Baglivi (2012) clearly explains. “Many twins are great friends and take pleasure in being in each other’s company” (Baglivi, 2012). This is suggested that twins may have lots of friends or even just one true friend, (often their twin) but that twins feel like they are never alone as they always have their co-twin beside them. According to her studies, Baglivi (2012) revealed that being a preteen twin actually boosted a twin’s popularity as they displayed a strong, socially active behaviour compared to singletons. This suggests that most twins do have more friends compared to singletons in some cases because of the fact that they are a twin. Furthermore Baglivi (2012) reports that as a twin you always have one…show more content…
Telepathy, secret languages and feeling each other’s pain are some things that many people think about when the word twin is given to them. Cassel (2009) speaks about this as being an inner connection that the twins create for themselves as the connection they share is so deep coming from the same womb. It isn’t biologically researched if these ‘supernatural’ occurrences can happen with twins but this connection the twins share is very real as reported by twins in studies written and conducted by Cassell (2011) showing that twins share this inner and deeper emotional connection ascompared to

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