Descriptive Essay About Okinawa

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CHECK IT OUT!! The Secret Great Sightseeing Spots of Okinawa!! Okinawa, which is surrounded by the sea and warm and mild whole year. It’s very popular place for trip and in the peak season when the typhoon doesn’t come, the huge number of people come and so crowded. But by the locations, you can enjoy your time without having to worry about congestion. Now we will introduce the secret great spots in Okinawa!! 1. Arashiyama Observatory It’s located in Nago-shi which is north part of Okinawa. It’s on the second floor of the building “Arashiyama Tembo (Outlook) Rest Area”. There is the shop on first floor. You can see the small islands, Yagaji Bridge and Kouri Island in the Hanejinaikai. You can see incredibly beautiful sea in the noon when…show more content…
3. Okinawa Kyodo Mura It’s located in the Kaiyohaku Park and reproduce the past days of villages in Okinawa which is used to called “Ryukyu Kingdom”. The event called “Experience of life in yje past days of Okinawa” is held everyday. At there you can enjoy dancing, playing the Shamisen and talking. Address: Ishikawa424, Motobu-cho, Okinawa-ken (in Kaiyohaku Park) Access: 2 hour 50min’ drive (by the local road) from the Naha airport Okinawa motorway: 50min’ drive (by the local road) from the Kyoda IC (Inter Change) Bus: 3min’ walk from the bus stop “Kinen Koenmae” Stop bus: Number 65 Motobu hanto (peninsula) line (Motobu Mawari via Bise), Number 66 Motobu hanto line (Nakijin mawari via Bise), Number 70 Bise line Phone number: 0980-48-2741 Open: March – September 8:00-19:30 / October – February 8:00-18:00 Holiday: The first Wednesday and next day of December 4. Kanna Dam It chose for one hundred selections Dam Lake. There are some facilities, wide lawn, the school of fish where you can observe insects, museum, and observatory where you can overlook the dam lake. And also flowers are blooming in the park. It makes you feel relax. Address: Kanna2015-2, Ginoza- son

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