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THE DAY THAT AMERICA GOT TRUMPED As his signature theme song from Air Force One plays in the background, Donald Trump treads on the podium for his victory speech. As he speaks, I put myself in his position, a billionaire, TV personality, real estate king, no direct political experiences, impudent, grandiose, has reputation for being a narcissist and misogynist and wondered is there any other way to become the POTUS against Hillary Clinton other than being Trump. It certainly didn’t work for Bernie Sanders who sounded like a legit democratic socialist who vouched for increasing minimum wage rage to $15/hr from $12, voted against the Iraq War, ban fracking and impose tax on carbon to aggressively control climatic changes all of which Clinton was against…show more content…
He was born into a rich family with the then real estate mogul Fred Trump as his father. And things were always competitive around the house. If you win, you are the ‘Killer’ and if you lose, you are nothing but an embarrassment. His self-definition is built around the very idea that you have to be unassailable to survive. And his energy was too much to handle even for Fred that he was sent to the toughest school, New York Military Academy for discipline. But that was not enough to hold the Trump horse. Soon after college, he entered the Manhattan real estate, which even his father didn’t dare to do, under the mentorship of the notorious Roy Cohn. Under Roy he became so resilient and counter-attack became his first move to his competitors. Hit them at their weakest spot with a force that makes them regret for messing with him. And if you lose, proclaim victory loudly. To Trump there was no such thing as bad publicity. In fact he dwelled and thrived in bad publicity. In the following years, he made sure that the Trump name echoed across America streets in such a way that the banks resorted to not seize his assets as they were worthless without his name on it at the time of his

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