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SEM images of the surface of kepok banana peel powder and cellulose extracted from kepok banana peel are show in figure 2 at a 10.000 magnification. From the image, cellulose and banana kepok peel powder showed different size and shape. The banana kepok peel powder has been found many small particles in the surface that cause the morphology is irregular shapes and heterogeneous, whereas the morphology of cellulose is homogeneous with the structure of dense and large particles. Composition elements of banana kepok peel powder and cellulose from kepok banana peel analyzed using EDS are show in Table 1. The results indicated that differences in the elements of banana kepok peel powder and cellulose. The banana kepok peel powder contained of C 21.94% while the cellulose increased 64.67%. Some of the elements such of O, Fe, Na, Al, Si, K, and Ca in banana kepok peel powder was decreased. Adsorption of Procion dye The effect of initial concentration of removal Procion dye onto banana kepok peel powder and cellulose were…show more content…
The results are showed in figure 4. The trend of the adsorption showed that the dye removal percentage increases with increases of contact time. The time achieved maximum removal percentage of procion dye was 30 minutes using extracted cellulose and 60 minutes using kepok banana peel powder, respectively. The different result, Bouhdadi et al (2011), obtained optimum contact time at 80 minutes for adsorption of cationic dye (methylene blue) using cellulose from Kraft pulp and Hariani et al (2015), adsorption of Procion dye using activated carbon-alumina composited get optimum contact time at 2 hours. In this result, the optimum adsorption at contact time of 30 minutes with 89.94 % of dye removal percentage using cellulose and kepok banana peel of 75.14 % at 60

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