Ron Killings Case

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Ron Killings An interesting ring name “The Truth” is owned by an American wrestler Ronnie Killings. He has many other ring names like Kid Krush, K-Krush and Ron Killings. He is even good at rapping besides wrestling. In the present times, World Wresling Entertainment and Ron are in a stable contract. In the year 1997, Ron got officially released from the prison where he was sent for drug dealership case. Jackie Crockett coaxed Ron into starting a career as a wrestler. He was a part of the National Wrestling Alliance but Ron declined the offer. He wished to concentrate on his interest in making music. However, after two years of hard work in the music world, he approached Jackie. Jackie took the responsibility of making him acquainted to the wrestling world. In Pro Wrestling Federation, Ron got to be a manager. Later, Manny Fernandez…show more content…
He became a part of Memphis Championship Wrestling through a contract that was to last for two years. After a few matches, he was paired to Road Dogg. He also earned a promotion to the roster. Ron and Road got along well. They togetjer rapped a song known as “Gettin’ Rowdy” on their approaching the ring. Their partnership was affected because Road Dogg got suspended in the month of December, year 2000. As a result, Ron had to compete singly. He participated in the Royal Rumble in the year 2001. To his hard luck, he was evicted because of Big Show. WWF released Ron later. Ron then got associated with Xtreme Pro Wrestling under the name K. Malik Shabazz. After losing a four way tag tem match, he opted out from this organization. Ron is featured in numerous video games and you can actually play as this wrestler. His finishing moves and signature moves like corkscrew leg lariat, dropkick and leg drop got remarkable popularity. It fetched him great laurels and reputation. Besides wrestling, he even bagged a slammy award for his
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