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I’m a product of both nature and nurture. Within myself exist both personality traits that have appeared consistently generation after generation in my family and other traits that have latched on me through interaction with peers and my environment. Among those, my ambiversion is mostly heritable while my self-motivated personality is a result of my surrounding. Being ambiverted means that I’m in the middle of the extraversion spectrum, carrying attributes of both introverted people and extroverted people. I like the crowds sometimes and prefer solitude at other times; I like being the center of attention as long as it does not last too long; and I often switch gear between acting extroverted and introverted very quickly. Thus, my needs for socializing can be random and uncontrollable at times if I’m not focused on keeping a good balance. To some people I am extremely quiet, while to others I’m a crazy social animal, but those closest to be know that I switch back and forth. My ambiversion is mostly inherited. Heritability works here in the sense that I was genetically disposed to be ambiverted since I was…show more content…
My experience runs on the line of the individualism vs. collectivism theory, as it is commonly accepted that Western cultures better promote individualism while Eastern cultures like in my country, Vietnam, focus more on group identity and unity. I was born in Vietnam but spent adolescense either living in the US or studying in American schools in Vietnam. This make me embrace more of the individualistic mentality of personal actualization that is often taught in the US. Thus, I found that my biggest motivator is mysealf. Nobody can tell me what to do or what to believe in but me. At schools, I choose clubs and activities because I like them, not because my friends are in them. In choosing my colleges and college majors, I let my own passion and desires

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