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Analysis of the myth of Tupac’s Death Tupac Amaru Shakur was an American born rapper and actor (Angel 77). Born on 16 th June 1971, Angel (73) explains that he sold over 75 million records not only in America but globally. The number of records makes him the best-selling music artists of the period when he lived. From the sales, it can be deduced that, he had very many fans. On the night of 7th September 1996, Tupac was involved in an altercation leading to a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. During this incident, he was shot several times (Dick 45). On the fateful night, between 11: 00–11:05 pm, Tupac, and his colleague Knight were halted by metropolitan bicycle police department attached to Las Vegas. The police accused him of playing the car stereo loudly. They also accused him of driving a car without a license plate. After…show more content…
Makaveli is engraved on the front of the tombstone. There is also a crack on the stone and a hole in front of it. The symbolic scene could imply that Makaveli rose from the dead after his death. On the album called Makaveli that was released after the death of Tupac, on the cover of the CD, Tupac is portrayed crucified on a cross. On the back of the CD, Simon is marked as the executive producer. In the rap industry, Simon is an unknown producer in the rap industry. However, In the Bible, the name Simon was the apostle of Jesus (Philip 19). In the resurrection of Jesus, Simon was one of the first witnesses. The Outlawz, Tupac's rap group, have always confirmed that the name Simon refers to Suge Knight. In the purported death of Tupac, Suge was the driver; he witnessed the death of Tupac just as Simon Peter saw the death of Jesus Christ. The fact that Jesus died and resurrected, Tupac might have also died and resurrected. The death of Jesus and that of Tupac resemble in that, both were killed. In most of the writings of Tupac, he had always wished to be buried when he

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