Is Life Worth Love

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i woke up, one day i thought, is life worth living try to blast myself? Life ain’t fair, it was never. People make their own ways in order to survive or yet make their mark on the books. Society gave its own standard for us to deal with, therefore change is inevitable. Having no choice on life feels like a dead end. seeing nothing in front of you and having no other choice may lead you on paths you’d never expect. God’s biggest mistake was giving man freewill. It is this freewill which causes us to sin, to do wrong, to not look back from where we come from. I see a lot of my friends being someone who they aren’t, I see them influence the young not knowing their wicked ways. Is this how we want our future to be? Last week I heard the news, it was a young boy who’s part of a scheme headed by unknown policemen wherein they persuade an individual and end up stealing their valuables. Sadly the boy was caught. These days I hear the word “justice” frequently said, yet some cases act…show more content…
The word “love” has been misunderstood for many reasons. Physical abuse is based on false relationships. and if he tells you your nothing don't believe him, if he cant learn to love you then leave him. I believe a real man knows respect, a real man thinks for the better of the many. its messed up when brothers try to escape their responsibilities, leave a young mother to fill up both roles. I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? i think its time to kill for our women, time to heal our women, be real to our women. If not, the future ain’t bright enough, not even for better days. She was only 12 yrs old, pregnant from a molester. Supposed to see the light brought by childhood, seems the ghetto had the law not to grow. Fixing may be too late, but oil spreads not knowing seconds. Change is never too late, actions still an alternative to see the

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