Poem Analysis: Lil B The Based God

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Lil B People praise him. Many would do anything to protect him. He aims to promote positivity and individuality.His message has become a lifestyle. This grand and mysterious man is Brandon McCartney otherwise known as Lil B The Based God. He is a musician who excels in being creative and has created a movement of positivity and being oneself, known as based, through his inspirational music. Incidentally, he is creatively successful because of various factors and personal elements. Additionally, In order to understand how Lil B is creative, it is vital to comprehend the typical 5 steps involved in the creative process. The process begins with a “period of preparation,becoming immersed,consciously or not, in a set of problematic issues that…show more content…
As a result he redefined based as being positive,being yourself, and not being negative towards others.4 Secondly, he began doing based freestyles which is him rapping from the unconscious and describes it as “very pure” and a “chance to release all [his] unconscious thoughts”5 Based freestyles gave him a chance to express himself through music and created the opportunity to be creative. In fact, these ideas would eventually “call to each other on their own” and the unexpected combination that would ultimately result in “The Based…show more content…
This is of course his supporters because as Csikszentmihalyi mentions, “creative ideas vanish unless there is a receptive audience”. Which is true, because these supporters were able to implement the ideas that Brandon created and validate them. Also when it comes to the The Based God there is no doubt that his “receptive audience” was present. In fact when one attends to see the spectacle of Lil B performing live, the immense support and appreciation for him is evident. After, he is done performing, fans flock to “the based god” for an opportunity to thank him and, express their appreciation. Some can be seen shedding tears while embracing him while others are overwhelmed with joy and disbelief of what is occurring. Further evidence of his fans immense support can be seen in there defense of Lil B. Once, a rapper known as Joey Baddass insulted the based god and had to deactivate his twitter due to a virtual assault by Brandon's fans, known as the task force, who swear to protect Lil B at all costs.10 In short, due to the fact that enough of the right people viewed the change he brought to music as an improvement and necessary, his ideas were integrated into the culture. When it comes to Brandon success in being creative, there are many personal elements that contributed to it. The book creativity by Csikszentmihalyi, states that a creative person must have certain traits.1 Among these

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